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Zookeeper Can’t Take It Anymore, Decides To Add Pokemon Go Signs Next To Animals

Pokemon Go has officially taken over the world, and whether you like it or not, resistance is futile. But one zookeeper in Birmingham, Alabama has recently come up with a great way to get fans of the massively popular game to pay more attention to the ACTUAL animals on display at Birmingham Zoo. How? She gave the zoo’s exhibit signs a Pokemon Go makeover!

She made the signs after noticing that many people were visiting the zoo just to capture Pokemon. So in order to try to engage them with the exhibits, she decided to make them more Pokemon-friendly. “Decided to jump on the Pokémon Go hype train at the zoo!” wrote the anonymous zookeeper on a Tumblr page called zookeeperproblems. “Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em…” (h/t: dorkly)

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