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Yin And Yang: 15+ Black & White Cats That Look So Different Yet Purrfect Together

Some people say that if a black cat crosses the road, it’s bad luck, while when a white cat crosses – it’s good luck. Some people say the opposite. Either way, black and white cats are considered completely opposite, not only because of their color but the superstitions about them too.

Below, are a list of pics of black and white cats together. Just like Yin and Yang, they’re completely opposite, yet perfectly complement each other in the pics. Take a look, feel free to add your own pics, and vote for your favorites!

#1 True Love

True Love 

#2 Staring


#3 Neighbours


Baptiste Riviere

#4 Purrrfect Yin And Yang

Purrrfect Yin And Yang 


#5 Toki And Doug

Toki And Doug 



#6 Yin-Yang Kitties

Yin-Yang Kitties 


#7 Sweet Cuddles

Sweet Cuddles

#8 Adorable Sleeping Kittens

Adorable Sleeping Kittens 


#9 These Beautiful Cats

These Beautiful Cats 

#10 A Baby Jaguar Cuddling With A Baby Panther

A Baby Jaguar Cuddling With A Baby Panther 



#11 He Is The Yin To Her Yang

He Is The Yin To Her Yang 

#12 Black And White

Black And White 

#13 My Kittens Being Positively Adorable

My Kittens Being Positively Adorable 


#14 Yin, Yang And Quack

Yin, Yang And Quack 

#15 A Rare Snuggly Moment From My Yin And Yang Floofs

A Rare Snuggly Moment From My Yin And Yang Floofs 



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