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World’s Most Dangerous Travel Destinations Revealed

Are you planning your next vacation? Then better check this map by International SOS and Control Risks to see if you’ll come back alive. Zika virus and terrorism made 72 per cent of people believe that travel risks are higher in 2017 compared to 2016. In addition, 57 per cent expect 2018 to be even more dangerous.

The map was released together with Ipsos Mori survey, that provides insights about travellers’ experiences around the globe. While potential terror attacks are the main concerns (51 per cent), in reality the biggest harm comes from petty crime and poor road safety.

According to this year’s research, the most dangerous countries are Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Darfur, Somalia, South Sudan, as well as Timbuktu and Kidal regions in Mali. On the flip side, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, and Slovenia are thought to be the safest. Main criteria for rating a a country’s danger level were its government’s exercised control and the threat of various kinds of violence to travellers.

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