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World’s First Art Exhibition For Dogs

If you thought art was only for humans, we’ve got news for you. Last Friday, Dominic Wilcox opened the world’s first art exhibition for dogs – ‘Play More’.

Titles ‘Play More’, the exhibition was open for just 2 days in London last week. It featured a bunch of interactive installations that helped stimulate the four-legged furballs physically and mentally. From a dog bowl-shaped ball pool to an open car window simulator to a screen that simulates a frisbee bouncing around a screen – this was the place to be for any pup. Check out some pics from the event below.

More info: Play More | Dominic Wilcox (h/t: designtaxi)

Last week, Dominic Wilcox opened the world’s first art exhibition for dogs

It features paintings that employ colors within dogs’ visual spectrum and are hung at their eye level

A 10-feet-wide dog bowl

Filled with 1,000 dog food-shaped balls

For the pups to play in

A screen that simulates a frisbee bouncing around

Dancing water jets that jump from one dog bowl to another

An open car window simulator

With a giant fan that blows scents of old shoes and raw meat through the air

And much more

Catch up on the action in the video below

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