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Woman Goes To Check On Her Horse In The Barn, Finds A Chicken Hilariously Sleeping On Its Head

When Nancy Elwood from Elk City, Oklahoma, went to check on her horse the other day, she got quite a surprise. The woman saw something very unusual on top of her horse’s head… When she came closer, she saw it was one of the chickens, a birdie named Chickaleta, calmly taking a nap atop Rocky. Elwood quickly took out her phone and captured the epic scene. The video she posted on Facebook went viral and has been shared around the world.

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The video was shared with the following caption: “I went out to check horses and this is what I find. I can say with certainty that this horse is one broke dude. Thank you Lord I needed this today…”. As everyone could do with a little giggle to fight the midweek’s slump, I guess we needed it too.

More info: Facebook (h/t: shareably)

Watch the video here:

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