Why Naps Are Needed Now More Than Ever

This is a very serious subject that needs to be discussed and dealt with. Adults having naps need to stop being looked down on. Seriously. Adulthood is the most stressful and tiring of all the ‘hoods’ in your life and people find it weird when you take naps? Nope. No. No. This needs to stop. We deserve the right to nap!

When you’re a kid you have no responsibilities and your only worry is if your Mom will like the picture you drew for her. Kids don’t have to cook, clean, pay for things, shop, nothing. They’re handed everything on a plate. It’s the easiest stage of your whole life and they get to have a nap every single day. All that happens in their boring little lives is they get up, breakfast is given to them, they play, lunch is given to them and so on and so forth. And somehow their chill-lax schedule manages to tire them out so much that they get to go to sleep for an hour in the middle of the day?

Not. Fucking. Fair. Kids can start tearing up, scrunching up their face and stomp a foot when they get cranky, but when I try, it’s a different story altogether.

The other ‘hood’ of life is Elderhood and they can also nap without being laughed at. What the fuck?! They’ve already done their bit, they’ve raised an entire family and worked their asses off to retire and do nothing. And now that they’re doing nothing they can nap? Where is the logic?

Now it’s time to get real. Adulthood is where it’s at. It’s stressful, tiring and hard. Really fucking hard. So why is it that the stages in life that have it the easiest and don’t do anything get to nap? Does doing nothing make you tired?

If you need more convincing on why adults should be entitled to more naps, here’s some:

College Is A Motherfucker

If you live ages away from college you have to get up early for your 9 o’clock lecture but even earlier than you think because the bus likes to take the longest route to the college. Then you have to take notes for an hour and full-on sprint across the campus for your next lecture. Then, when that’s over, you study in the library for an hour before going home to get ready to go out tonight (it can’t all be work, work, work). If you don’t fit a nap in there somewhere you’re going to kill yourself with exhaustion.

Work Is A Motherfucker

Some of you have to work your way through college too. So you do all of the above, and then go to work after it. You wonder why so many young people lose their jobs? They have to take shit from customers and they’re expected not to crack and snap at them. That’ll turn anyone insane. BUT! If that person had a nap before going to work there would be no snapping at customers and they’d still have a job. Boom.

Life Is A Motherfucker

Life is hard and stressful and they don’t teach you any of this ‘adulting’ shit in school. Adding up college life, work life and your social life, that’s a lot of energy to come out of just 7 or 8 hours of sleep. So why is it bad to have a nap during the day? Answer: IT’S NOT!

I think I’m gonna move to Spain where it’s socially acceptable to have a siesta during the middle of the day. Viva fucking España!