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Whoever Is Naming The Colors Of These Yarns Has Seen Some Sh*t In Their Life

Fading Whiskey Hangover could be the name of a US military operation. Bat In A Dark Mood could be the name of a thrash metal band. And Rotten Pistachio Cream Macaron could be the name of, well, a rotten pistachio cream macacon. But believe it or not, they’re actually all fantastically creative names for different colors of yarn.

They’re made by Nicola and Cordula from Nuremberg, Germany. Together they run DyeForYarn, an Etsy shop that specializes in yarns with colors that you didn’t even know existed. Want to knit a sweater the color of Too Much Asperol Spritz? They have a yarn for that. How about a pair of socks the color of a Cinnamon Roll Too Long In The Oven? They have a yarn for that too. So if you’re looking for something a little bit different, check out their store on Etsy.

More info: Etsy

As you can see, they have colors for every occasion…

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