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We Saved A Seagull That Refused To Fly

We were walking on the ocean coast (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), when we saw a seagull. David took it out of the water, she did not resist. He tested her wings, paws, at first glance, she was healthy. But it did not want to fly. It was a Sunday, but we do not want to throw her in trouble, because after a few hours of the ocean would rise, and she could die. David took her to the police, and they promised to pass it in the wild bird rescue center. We were given coordinates, and we came to visit her.

It was a large and spacious facility where recovered not only birds, but also pets, there are those who have thrown the owners, as well as those who have suffered in the nature or by human hands. We met our friend the sea, he turned conjunctivitis , and so he could not fly. When we looked into his eyes, the trace of the disease was gone, and with the doctor he was released! This center is located on the island of Gran Canaria, and we would like to express many thanks to them that the rescue of those who are so in need!


David tried to find help for the seagull

It was very calm like it knew that we would help

We found one towel and went to police. Then they gave it to centre of recuperative de Gran Canaria

And after one week we met it and its new freinds!

Doctor said that it could not fly because it had conjunctivitis

But now it was healthy and we gave freedom for it! It has flown and it was a great moment!

The wildlife rescue center helps of many of those who needs it, such as this rodent.

Also different birds which was suffering in nature

They also save dolphins and turtles. This turtle caught surfers with a piece of iron metal in the lip. Until now, she can not eat, but has been operated.

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