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This Harry Potter Wedding Was Pure Magic

Rumor has it that there are more Harry Potter fans on earth than there are stars in our solar system. But few of them can claim to be bigger fans of the world famous heptalogy than newlyweds Cassie and Lewis Byrom.

To celebrate their mutual adoration for J.K. Rowling’s most famous series, the Potterheads decided to throw a Harry Potter-themed wedding unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Taking more than a year to plan, the couple used Ebay and charity shops to ensure that every single detail was faithful to the books. Each of the 130 guests received a wand upon arrival and the bridesmaids carried paper bouquets made from 20 cut-up novels. The rings were presented on a copy of the Half Blood Prince and were both inscribed ‘Always’ in homage to Severus Snape. They even had their faces printed on wanted posters from the Ministry of Magic! Sorry Potter fans, but this one’s going to take some beating! (h/t)

Cassie and Lewis Byrom decided to have a wedding inspired by their favorite thing in the world…

Harry Potter!

And as you can see from these pictures, no detail was spared on their big day

From shoes…

To jewelry…

The bride’s nails even had the deathly hallows sign drawn on them, for crying out loud!

And don’t forget the underwear!

The bridesmaids bouquets were made from 20 cut-up Harry Potter books…

And the groom had his own magical Harry-Potter accessories

They swapped the usual ring cushion and replaced it with the final Harry Potter book

And they got married under a Hogwarts banner

Each of the 130 guests were given a wand

They couple had Manchester’s Midland Hotel transformed into their very own Hogwarts!

The tables were decorated with various artifacts from the Harry Potter universe

The cake was also suitably magical

The bar was stocked with all sorts of potions

And the table settings were also scattered with pages from the books

This isn’t the first Harry Potter-themed experience that the couple have shared

Last year they got engaged in Diagon Alley In Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida

Even the famous scene of Harry and Ron getting chased by Acromantulas found a place in this wedding

And the forever lost Rowena’s Ravenclaw’s diadem was found decorating this guest table

Every child (and adult) would be jealous of this magical desert table

The guest book table was decorated with round glasses and owls

Their biggest mischief was managed and they lived happily ever after…

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