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This Guy Probably Has The Most Twisted Sense Of Humor On Twitter

Anybody familiar with Jeff Wysaski will know that his humor is pretty off-the-wall. Whether he’s leaving fake self-help books on the shelves of bookstores, planting fake coupons in grocery stores, leaving fake animal facts in zoos or putting fake in-store reviews in IKEA, the comedian, who also goes by the name of obviousplant, loves nothing more than pranking the public with his hilariously inventive practical jokes.

It probably goes without saying then that his Twitter account is also pretty hilarious. Bizarre, yes, but hilarious nonetheless. Which probably explains why he has almost 68k followers. Take a look at some of his funniest tweets below.

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Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets


Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets


Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets


Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets


Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets 


Funny Tweets 

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