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This Comic Reveals How A Dog Feels Home Alone

An American artist Jane from the Pigeon Gazette drew these comics to illustrate how dogs feel and what they think when they are home alone. While it may be that you just went to the store and back, the comic shows that for your pooch it has been f-o-r-e-v-e-r… Yup, he event counted. So don’t blame your doggie for panicking a bit, creating a huge mess, and eating all the food in the cupboard…

Dog experts say you can try putting your doggie in a small room or area of the house that’s quiet as having a whole house for himself can be too overwhelming. Another great idea is to leave a piece of clothing you recently wore, as your scent will make your dog feel calmer. An last, but not least, give them a toy to play with while you’re away.

More info: The Pigeon Gazette

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