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The True Beauty Of Bangkok Is Revealed From Above

I’m Julien Grondin, also known as Beboy on social media, a landscape and cityscape photographer.

I’ll always remember when my girlfriend told me, nine years ago, that she wanted to visit Bangkok in Thailand. I really didn’t want to! To my opinion this city had nothing interesting make it worth exploring. And guess what? My judgement was dumb, I have to admit. Indeed, since the very first day I arrived in Bangkok, my preconception changed drastically when I saw the city from above!

From the rooftop of the many high towers Bangkok has, the city takes an entirely new dimension, especially at night. And night scenes from high vantage points are what I love the most in Bangkok so I decided to explore this path and show to the world how a city that seems chaotic at the first look, could be really impressive and beautiful! So now I’m back to Bangkok every year to keep taking photos of a city I initially didn’t want to visit nine years ago. Now I’m in love with it! Let me show you how great Bangkok is!

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Business district of Bangkok, Sathorn

Bangkok, a city full of lights and life

Fascinating lights of Bangkok at night

Thunderstom over Bangkok during the rainy season

Business district of Bangkok, Sathorn

Sunset in Bangkok overlooking the Chao Phraya river

Golden lights of the sunrise in Bangkok

Veins of Bangkok

Enjoying the view over Bangkok from the balcony

Business district of Bangkok, Sathorn

Heading to Bangkok’s downtown

Amazing colors during a sunrise in Bangkok

Summer day in Bangkok with the Chao Phraya river in the foreground

The Grand Palace of Bangkok

Sunset in Bangkok overlooking the Chao Phraya river

Bangkok late at night

Bangkok at dawn

Bird’s eye view of Bangkok overlooking the Chao Phraya river

Bangkok slowly waking-up

Global view of Bangkok’s skyline

Sunset view in Bangkok

The busy life of the Chao Phraya river

Sunset in Bangkok

Fireworks during the New Year festivities in Bangkok. A unique view from above the fireworks!

Night mood of Bangkok

Detail view of a street in Bangkok

Behind the scenes image

Image was taken by my friend Nanut Bovorn

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