The Harsh Reality Of Falling In Love.

Although falling in love is a mushy and beautiful experience that everyone should have the pleasure of understanding at some point, it comes with its downsides. Here is the harsh reality of falling in love.

1) It Probably Won’t Last.

Sorry, but it’s true. Being young means that you probably won’t be with them forever and ever. People grow up and change. Deal with it.

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2) You Let Someone In.

When you’re in love, you tend to let people know all of the little quirks and secrets of your personality, which can be dangerous if you’re easily embarrassed.

3) You Can Get Your Heart Broken.

If the relationship ends, you will have your little heart broken. Prepare for the next few months to be spent on the couch with ice cream and tears.

4) They May Not Feel The Same.

Whoops, you’ve gone and fallen in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same back. Could there be a more painful situation?

5) It Might Not Be Love.

Chances are you’re still so young and you’re not even sure what true love is yet.

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6) You Give Someone The Power To Destroy You.

Being ‘in love’ with someone can give somebody the ability to really, really hurt you, to your very damn core.

7) You Won’t Be Able To Think Of Anything Else.

You will be so utterly head over heels in love that you will not be able to focus your attention on anything else. Fab.

8) You Will Annoy Your Friends.

To all of your mates who are not ‘in love’ you will just piss all of them off entirely while you blab on about your partner. Ewh.

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