The A-Z’s Of Your First Serious Relationship


So you’ve finally landed that guy in your English tutorial, after what can only be months of hard grafting. Before you know it, you’ve passed the 3-month milestone and things are getting serious. You don’t want all of your hard work to go to waste by committing a relationship sin, so below is the A-Z of your first serious relationship:

A) Associate.

Make an effort to get to know their friends. They’re an important part of their life, and you both like the same person, so you must have something in common.

B) Beware.

Be wary when you get into a relationship. You can catch something very contagious, something that’s very hard to get rid of. Feelings. Once you catch them, there’s no going back. You have been warned…

C) Cuddles.

You now have your very own person to cuddle at your disposal. Use them wisely.

D) Dates.

Now that you’re finally serious, don’t stop making the effort for going on dates. Even if it’s every month, do it and commit to the cause.

E) Extravagance.

The longer you’re together, the more you realise how unnecessary extravagant gestures and presents are. A simple text that says “I miss you”, means just as much as 200 euro worth of gifts.


F) Farts.

People are divided on this one. Is it ever acceptable to fart in front of your other half? I say, go for it! This is a mark of how truly comfortable you are with each other. The fact that you would let them smell see you at your worst is touching, really.

G) Grown-ups.

You’re both in college, both have jobs and friends as well as a relationship. But you’re grown ups about it. You don’t whinge or stamp your foot if you can’t see them this week, you accept that you’re both busy and wait patiently until the next time you guys meet up, when you’ll make double the effort.

H) Horny.

Welcome to a whole new world of horniness. Now that you have that special someone, you find your mind wandering off a lot more than you used to…

I) Individuals.

But don’t forget that a relationship is made up of two individuals. Don’t lose yourself in it. Don’t be afraid to spend an evening apart, while doing something you love. It’s what attracted them to you in the first place, after all.

J) Jealousy.

You swore you’d never be that type of girlfriend, you used to laugh at the possessive type. But suddenly you find yourself feeling more jealous than you anticipated. This is healthy, up to a point. If either of you gets controlling and possessive, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation.


K) Kinkiness.

With a new person, comes new moves and new fetishes. Be open to what they like, as long as you’re comfortable. What’s the harm in trying?

L) Love.

Ah, the “L” word. Put it before “you”, and after “I”, and you’ve changed the whole dynamic of the relationship. Treat the word seriously. Say it when you’re ready, and when you mean it only.

M) Money.

You find yourself having to save wisely, because you have one extra birthday, Christmas present etc. to buy, let alone the take-away bills to split.

N) No money.

Aaaand after all that, you soon find yourself with no money. Relationships come at a cost….

O) Orgasms.

So it’s taking you a while to make it happen for her. Don’t panic, you just need to learn what she likes and what she doesn’t. Be open about it and when it does happen, you’ll both reap the rewards.


P) Parents.

Let’s face it, her Dad is never going to like you. And his Mother will judge you secretly, fearing you will corrupt her little baby. Just smile and power through it. Once you don’t swear in front of them, you’ll be okay, I swear.

Q) Questions.

One of the very simple things that first initially started this relationship. Now that you’re spending more and more time together, don’t forget to keep asking them questions. This is a whole new person in your life, so learn everything about them.

 R) Respect.

You may be getting closer than ever, but don’t lose respect for each other. Treat each other as you did in the very beginning and keep it up.

S) Sex.

Whenever you want, really, essentially, it’s on tap. What’s not to love?

T) Travel.

Even if it is just to the next City over, travel with them. Spend real quality time together, away from everyone you know. I guarantee you’ll feel closer to them by the time you come back. It can also help you discover if you’re in the right relationship in the first place.


U) United.

One of the nicest things about being in a serious relationship is knowing that you two are committed to each other. There’s a real sense of security knowing that they’ll be there waiting for you when you get home.

V) Vexed.

Let’s not lie. They will annoy you, and you guys will argue. It’s natural! Just don’t be a baby about it, and apologise when you need to, own up to things and just grow a pair.

W) Wonder.

You may have moments of wondering if they’re the right person for you. But you know they are if they make you forget about these moments straight away.

X) X-Rated.

If you are going to film yourselves, learn from others. Be careful where you keep it. And don’t, for the love of God, save it on the internet….or the cloud!!!

Y) Young.

Even though you are in a serious relationship, you aren’t 40 and married yet. Don’t get stuck watching Netflix every night. Go out, get drunk with them, make a fort. Leave the boring stuff for when you’re old.

Z) Zzzzz’s.

As well as being useful for all of the above, they also make a great human pillow. Feeling tired after a long day of college? Nap time with your beloved and chill your beans.