The 10 Struggles Of Being In A ‘Non’ Relationship

Dating these days is a bloody joke. And not a very funny one. Half the effing time you don’t even know if you’re actually dating at all. IT’S THE WORST EVER. Here are a few of the struggles of being in a ‘non’ relationship.

1. Having all your girl friends asking “oh, so what’s going on with you and that guy” and having legit NO idea what to say. Because you have no idea. None. Saaaake.

2. Not really knowing where you stand with each other, because you aren’t quite ‘something’ yet but you definitely aren’t ‘nothing’, so… does that make you ‘something’?! *face palm*

3. It’s great that you don’t have to define it, but also, it’s like erm, what the flying f*ck is going on here?! Srsly.

4. Wanting to know if he’s sleeping with someone else. But you don’t own him, he isn’t your boyfriend. He IS allowed to but ARHJSHDIKMJFSWHATISLIFE.

5. Plus you could be sleeping with someone else too. You aren’t. But you could be. Maybe he thinks about that too?

6. Having to constantly carry around all your overnight shit like a sexual mule, (yes, a sexual donkey) because you can’t leave it at his. You DEFO aren’t in that place yet. And you don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable.

7. Having to find the middle ground between texting too much, because you don’t want to seem girlfriendy, but then not texting enough and losing the spark. Once a day? Twice? Should I text first or? FML.

8. But we text on the reg so surely that doesn’t make me JUST a booty call. And if I am a booty call, I am a booty call who sends really on point, sassy emojis, so snap me up bitch.

9. Using all the will power in the WORLD not to stalk his Facebook too much to see if he’s flirting with other girls, because well, he’s allowed to. He’s not your boyfriend, he can do what he wants, but FFS.

10. Realising that you could actually start to have all the serious feelings, but then having to be like “STOP IT”, because not even Sherlock effing Holmes could tell you what’s going right now. Jump off that emotion train gurl.

Via Pretty52