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Super Tall Teenager Is Handing Out Business Cards To People Who Won’t Stop Asking About His Height

If you are tall and you’re always being bombarded with “how tall are you” type of questions,  you can learn a lot from this 17-year-old! Logan, a 6′ 7″ (2,04 m) high-school senior from Holly Springs, bought 100 business cards for just 10$ that answer all these annoying questions right away.

He estimates that people ask him about his height 5-10 times a day, therefore his stock is already running low. It was the “best investment yet,” – says Logan.

The whole thing went viral when a girl named Heather was working on a group project with Logan, and of course she couldn’t resist the temptation to ask him about his height. Once she was handed a business card, she immedeately tweeted a picture of it.

“Omg so this kid I’m doin a group project with is mad tall n I asked him how tall he was and he pulled out his wallet n handed me this,” – wrote Heather.

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