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Some Of The Worst Newspaper And Magazine Layout Fails Ever

Bad news is bad. Obviously. But sometimes bad news can be unintentionally hilarious.

Take a look at these brilliant newspaper and magazine fails for example. The list serves as a helpful reminder of why something as simple as a layout could turn even the saddest stories into something you can’t help but laugh about. After all, who puts a picture of a dog beside a headline relating to a violent sex offender? Or a picture of a man grilling meat beside a headline about dead cats? Either these publications have a twisted sense of humor, or they need to make their interviews harder when hiring for a layout editor…

#1 Shameless Health Trick

Shameless Health Trick 


#2 Tombstoning Example

Tombstoning Example 


#3 Tombstoning Example

Tombstoning Example


#4 I Can Make You Thin

I Can Make You Thin 

#5 Oh George, You Sly Dog

Oh George, You Sly Dog 


#6 I Found This In My Country’s Newspaper. Bad Ad Placement

I Found This In My Country's Newspaper. Bad Ad Placement 


#7 Oops


#8 Poorly Placed Ad

Poorly Placed Ad 

#9 Pooh’s On A Rampage

Pooh's On A Rampage 


#10 Why You Should Never Put A Bald Guy On The Cover Of Your Paper

Why You Should Never Put A Bald Guy On The Cover Of Your Paper


#11 Everything About This Is Unfortunate

Everything About This Is Unfortunate 


#12 Out With A Bang

Out With A Bang 


#13 This Was In The News Paper Yesterday

This Was In The News Paper Yesterday

#14 Cookin’ Up Cats

Cookin' Up Cats


#15 If You Edit A Magazine Called ‘Where’, You Really Ought To Be More Careful With Your Layout

If You Edit A Magazine Called 'Where', You Really Ought To Be More Careful With Your Layout 

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