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Quit Your Job Now, Because This Company Is Looking For A Full-Time Hedgehog Officer

Does the idea of going to work make you feel nauseous even before you step out of bed in the morning? Are you obsessed with hedgehogs, too? If so, please stop torturing yourself and apply for a hedgehog officer’s position at The Suffolk Wildlife Trust in Ipswich, UK.

We’re not kidding – the trust is looking for a highly-skilled hedgehog professional to look after hedgehogs in Ipswich full-time. Besides taking cute selfies and feeling blessed, you will also have to create nice habitats for hedgehogs, ensure their safety, and raise awareness of the spiky creatures in the area. Experience in ecological surveying and community-based conservation activities is a must, though. But you’ll be rewarded with an annual £24,000 salary! Not bad, huh? The deadline is 13th July, so what are you waiting for?!

More info: (h/t: metro)

Always wanted to be a hedgehog officer? Read the job description below!

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