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Pug Goes On Epic Adventures With His Owner

Meet Norm, the adventure-loving doggie, whose owner Jeremy Veach loves travelling and always takes the dog with him. Together they go anywhere from the mountains in Washington, to the beaches of Oregon, and the streets of San Francisco. The hipster duo make sure everything is captured on camera and put on Instagram. The pug even takes selfies!

“He loves pictures and gets really into it. And when there is something he doesn’t like, I can tell, and I just will move on to a new idea,” – Veach told Ludique Magazine. The travelers already have 337k followers on Instagram and their number is growing everytime they upload new pics from their latest trips. This is what I call living the pug life to its fullest!

All pics belong to Jermzlee on Instagram


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures


Pug Adventures


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures 


Pug Adventures 

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