People Who Eat Steak Well Done Don’t Just Have Bad Taste, They’re Going To Die

People who order well done steaks are social pariahs for any proper foodie. Why turn a gorgeous piece of meat into a chewy, leathery mess when you can have it sweet and juicy? While before now it’s just been social convention to look down on these people, now science has given us some facts to back the whole thing up.

According to a recent study, well done steak can actually be bad for you. Cooking meat to this ‘well-done’ state creates potentially dangerous compounds known as glycotoxins. Doesn’t sound promising does it?

People Who Eat Steak Well Done Dont Just Have Bad Taste Theyre Going To Die

According to research from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in the US, eating a diet heavy in these ominous sounding glycotoxins could lead to ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. Tested on mice, the ones on the diet of glycotoxins (specifically a type called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs) were found to be more likely to develop cognitive and movement issues than the ones on a low-glycotoxin regime. Startling stuff for those of us who likes to make sure our meat is well and truly dead.

After trialing it with mice, the team moved on to human testers. Sadly this yielded similar results.

People Who Eat Steak Well Done Dont Just Have Bad Taste Theyre Going To Die

The team monitored the AGEs in the blood of 93 New Yorkers aged over 60 for nine months. Just like the mice, they found that the glycotoxin-heavy testers had more AGEs in their blood over the course of the study. They also devloped more cognitive issues than their peers.

While the study was small in size, the researchers agreed that there was enough evidence on offer to suggest that eating rarer meat regularly could reduce the risk of dementia and metabolic syndromes as we get older.

Speaking about the study; Michael Woodward, a dementia researcher from Austin Health in Australia, told Dementia News:

People Who Eat Steak Well Done Dont Just Have Bad Taste Theyre Going To Die

“These studies are only preliminary and more evidence is required in the form of large scale epidemiological studies before we start recommending how to best cook our food.

“However, this study further adds to a growing body of evidence that suggests what you eat – for example highly fatty, fried and processed foods can be linked to diseases such as dementia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

So for all you squeamish so-and-so’s out there who hate their meat pink, think about your health! While it won’t kill you to order your filet mignon on the rarer side, it might just kill you to eat it ‘well-done’. If that has got your mouth watering, then have a look at this uniquely manly way to grill your steak. Are you fans of your steak being nice and rare? Let us know.