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People Can’t Agree Whether These Sheep Are Cute Or Terrifying

These are Valaise Blacknose Sheep, and people can’t decide whether they’re cute or scary. This sheep breed is raised mostly for wool and originally comes from Switzerland. However, the reason they become popular on the internet is not their wool. It’s their incredibly dark faces. So dark, that some say you might see your soul starring back at you from the bottomless black void.


Blacknose Sheep 



Blacknose Sheep


Blacknose Sheep


Blacknose Sheep 


Blacknose Sheep


Blacknose Sheep 

Björn Borgers



Blacknose Sheep 



Blacknose Sheep 

Valais Blacknose Sheep Scotland 


Blacknose Sheep 

Valais Blacknose Sheep US Fan Club 


Blacknose Sheep 

Andy Bécue





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