One Word Texts & Imaginary Sex: Expectations Vs Reality of Relationships

Upon getting into a relationship, you have all these expectations of what a cute and perfect rom-com couple you’ll be. Treating each other to dinner and having mindblowing sex all of the time. But in reality, you see each other only once in a blue moon and the only sex you have is with yourself – lonely time. Here are some cold hard expectations vs realities we all have about relationships. Sorry to burst your bubble and all but….


1) You’ll see them all the time, every day.
2) You’ll do loads of fun couple stuff together.
3) You’ll treat each other all the time with nice little presents.
4) He’ll be your knight in shining armour and you’ll feel all rescued and shit.
5) He’ll compliment you all the time and it’ll be fab.
6) You’ll cook each other a romantic meal once a week.
7) You both accept each others flaws, no questions asked.
8) Both of your friends groups will merge together to make a giant posse.
9) You’ll be like a rom-com couple having random dances in the kitchen while making dinner.
10) You frequently text each other throughout the day.
11) Cuddles are the best, especially with them.
12) You’ll have sex on a twice daily basis and it’ll be fucking phenomenal.


1) You’ll see them maybe every weekend or second weekend.
2) You’ll just sit around all day watching Netflix and gazing at your phones.
3) Being in a relationship is expensive and you’ll have like no money, even for food.
4) The only saving your Knight will be doing is holding your hair back after a night out – true love, right there.
5) His version of a compliment is a hive five. *Sigh*
6) Romance in McDonalds is where it’s all happening.
7) You accept each others flaws until you point them out in an argument one night.
8) When all your friends are together, you end up running around to each group spending equal time together.
9) He’ll look you right in the eye and say, “fuck off” if you ask him to dance with you.
10) “K” is the best reply you’ll get from each other.
11) Yeah, getting elbowed in the eye-socket during the middle of the night is great fun.
12) You never get a chance to see each other but the imaginary sex is great, all the same.