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    The Funnier Side Of Life

Obama And Clinton’s Hug Was Perfect, Until Internet Trolls Ruined Everything

After Barak Obama hugged Hillary Clinton following his speech at the Democratic National Convention recently, Photoshoppers everywhere were quick to respond to the Reddit call to battle, and it looks like they’ve really gone to town on this one. Whether they’re sharing a blanket at Woodstock, reenacting Kate and Leo’s famous Titanic scene, or sharing a special moment at the high school dance, Barak And Hillary’s warm embrace is sure to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.




#1 A Wild Putin Appears

A Wild Putin Appears 


#2 By The Time We Got To Woodstock

By The Time We Got To Woodstock


#3 We All Know How’s It Gonna End

We All Know How's It Gonna End 


#4 High School Dance

High School Dance 


#5 All The Proof I Need

All The Proof I Need 


#6 Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn 


#7 A New Era In Foreign Relationships

A New Era In Foreign Relationships 


#8 Michelle Is Watching You

Michelle Is Watching You 


#9 This Is Fine

This Is Fine


#10 Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast 


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