Milk Bottle Legs: 8 Downsides Of Summer

Festivals, parties and travelling; summer is everyone’s favourite season. But with last years summer so long ago and the weather being completely bi-polar, we’re not entirely sure we’re that excited about summer anymore. Take that mother nature. Here are a few things to remind you of all the shit that comes along with summer.

1) Show Me The Money

If you haven’t been working through college you now have to get a summer job. Because no job mean no money and that means no concerts, no parties and no nice things. Why can’t money grow on trees?


2) Bye Bye Friends

One great thing about college is that it lets you see your friends everyday. But now you actually have to arrange to meet up with them. Could you be arsed?

3) Get Ready To Strip

Shorts. Crop tops. Bikinis. Whether you’re “bikini body” ready or not, you’re going to have to strip off those winter layers at some point. Like a snake shedding its skin.


4) Milk Bottle Blindness

Fake tan will be your best friend because your legs haven’t seen the light of day since last year. Hello you pasty mofos.

5) Sunburn Sanity

Itchy, flaky, painful and embarrassing. You will become the laughing stock of your gang when you’re the one that falls asleep in the sun without sunscreen. So red you could stop traffic.


6) To Shave Or Not To Shave

The first hack through the winter forest is the hardest, then you’ll waste half of your summer shaving the stubble that nobody really cares about but you feel like everyone can see. Prickly pins.

7) Will it rain?

Due to the unpredictable Irish weather, your outfit is not complete without a rain jacket. So on-point.

8) Horrible Hangovers

The parties will be banging but so will your head the next day, and the day after that, and after that. With no responsibilities on your months off you can party every night and pretend you won’t be hungover tomorrow. Dear future me, I’m sorry.