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    Meet The Most Expensive Cat In The World

Meet Meaty, The Dog Who Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Since He Was Rescued From A Shelter

Meatball (Meaty for short) is a pit bull mix that has stolen nearly 40k hearts on Instagram. However, his life wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Before he had a loving family and all that internet fame, Meaty was spending his days in a shelter.

Lisa Reilly met Meatball over the internet: the woman saw a photo of him posted by Fresno Bully Rescue, a no-kill shelter in California. Meaty instantly reminded her of her old dog Kitty, that passed away a couple of months earlier. Lisa decided to take him home where Meatball joined her other rescued dogs and the soft bully hasn’t stopped smiling ever since! As you can see from the photos below, Meaty got everything he could have hoped for, so it’s clear that the wide grin on his face is all natural!



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