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Meet Human-Cat Who Keeps Standing On 2 Legs And Judging His Owners

George the cat has been standing on his two legs since he was little. Why? So he could see what a nonsensical life us humans lead. Nothing can slip through his judgement. NOTHING.

Though his owner thinks George is “the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Really bizarre, but sweet,” he must feel uneasy as George is always watching him. What’s awaiting humanity? We can only question. Have a look for yourself in the photos below.

More info: | Instagram | Facebook

George has been standing on his two legs since he was little


So he would be able to judge us humans better!

You can hide nothing from him


“What are these tasteless veggies in your fridge?”


“Why is it not served yet?”

“What the hell are they doing there?”

“What have you been smoking lately?”

“Nope, no room for you”

“What the f…”

“You disappoint me, human”

“You have a problem, human?”

“Sometimes I wish everyone would die…”

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