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Meet Aurora, The Fluffy Cat Princess

Have you heard? There’s a new sleeping beauty in town! Meet Aurora (named, of course, after the original Sleeping Beauty), the most beautiful and fluffiest princess cat ever.

This Blue Bicolor Ragdoll kitty is true royalty. “Cats are known for being the rulers of the house and Aurora takes that to the next level. She knows she is beautiful, at least that’s what her manners imply. It’s her way or no way basically,” her owners Emily and Niklas said.

And what does this princess from Sweden like to do? “She enjoys doing what most royalties do: Eat, sleep and being pampered.” Sounds great! Where can I sign up for a life like that?

You might think that a beauty like Aurora is arrogant and smug, but her owners claim that she’s nothing like that. “Aurora is a very smart and loveable kitty. We joke around a lot in our posts about how she sees her humans as servants but in reality, she gives us the same love a dog does, which can be rare for a cat.” Beautiful AND friendly? This might just be the perfect cat.

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