Less Stress, More Sex: 6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Relationship

If you know anyone in a long-term relationship, you’ll probably hear them telling you one of two things; it’s shit, stay single, or it’s great and everything is so much easier than it was in the beginning. The first one is lying and the second one is exaggerating because honestly, being in a long term relationship IS easier than always dating and yes, it’s also pretty shit sometimes. It can get boring, you could hate their family, and they could be super gross. Fear not friends, here are 6 easy hacks for a great long term relationship:

1. Accept their grossness.

The simplest way to put this is that people are people. We’re superrrrrr gross. Between sweating, morning breath, cutting your toenails in the bathroom, hair in the shower drain, not washing your hair every day, snot EVERYWHERE in the winter, it goes on and on and on. You wanna know how to survive in a long-term relationship? DEAL with the grossness. Because after a certain amount of time, you won’t even notice how long it’s been since your significant other has showered. And you’ll still want to have sex with them. *Wink*

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2. We’re all friends here.

Sometimes, you just need to cry on your best friend’s shoulder. Sometimes you need your mom’s words of wisdom, and sometimes you need your big brother to promise to beat up the guy in McDonalds who was rude to you. And they’ve got to understand that, just as much as you’ve got to understand that they need other people too. Even if you do hate their best friend and if you really want to make them feel better, there’ll be nights when you’re glad that s/he has other people to turn to in a crisis. It’s a relief, at the very least.


3. Accept their bad music taste.

And also accept that there’s probably nothing you can do to change it. No matter how much Taylor Swift you play around the house, you will still be forced to listen to The Smiths every day. In fact, the best thing you can do here is just try to love it. And if that fails, earplugs really aren’t that expensive anyway.

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4. Yes, (s)he is wearing your clothes again. Get over it.

There is no such thing as “mine” and “yours” in a long term relationship. Everything is mine. Just kidding, but seriously, expect to share everything. From clothes, the hot water, money, bills and yes, even food. *Sobs* Honestly, it’s much better. You’ll lose everything you own, and you’ll never be able to find a pair of socks, but on the other hand, you can stop fighting about who paid for the takeaway the last time because everything is shared. EVERYTHING.


5. Absolute weirdos. Weirdos everywhere.

The fact is, you’re probably dating a weirdo. They eat gross and weird things, they watch weird shit on tv, and they might think that Rocky Horror Picture Show was a great movie. (I know, wtf??) Sometimes you love them, and sometimes you wanna hide them in a closet and never reveal their existence to anyone. But you can’t do that, so you make them promise not to talk too much to your mother, and bargain sex for silence. Sorted.


6. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

Ignore all the jokes about being a married couple. It’s no one else’s business if you’re going to have children in the next 6 months and get a mortgage and settle down and stop having sex forever. *Heavy breathing* Seriously, relationships don’t work out by assessing how far you’ve come at the end of every month. Go with the flow, stop telling your best friends that you’re practically married cause you’ve been together for over a year and just see what happens. Calm down and enjoy the here and now. I beg…