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Japan’s Prime Minister Dresses As Super Mario For Olympics Closing Ceremony As Preview For Tokyo 2020

The Rio Olympics has been pretty spectacular, and Sunday’s closing ceremony was no exception. But despite the amazing 3-hour Macarena-themed farewell, it wasn’t Brazil that stole the show. It was Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe emerging from a warp pipe dressed as Super Mario (obviously) that really got everybody talking.

As per Olympic tradition, the next host nation always introduces itself during the closing ceremony. The introduction usually features displays of dance and theater representative of that country’s history, culture and tradition. And what better way to represent Japan than by dressing its Prime Minister as one of the country’s most famous video game characters? The moment was surely one of the best (if not THE best) entrances of a world leader ever, and it’s got us seriously excited about Tokyo 2020. Thanks for the memories Rio, but we’re already counting down to the next games. Only four years to go…

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