It’s Your Way Or The Highway: 18 Things Stubborn People Understand

They might call you pigheaded and uncompromising, but you really just see it as a backhanded compliment; they totally mean determined and confident, right?! Being stubborn is a way of life…

1. It really is your way or the highway. You could give most lawyers a run for their money when it comes to standing your ground.
2. If you’ve fallen out with someone, it’s impossible for you to take the high ground. Puppy dog eyes or not, you just KNOW that you’re right.
3. Relationships can be filled with drama. Especially if you’re paired with another of the Clan O’Stubborn. God help your kids.
4. “Let’s agree to disagree” is the most infuriating thing anyone can say to you. How about let’s agree to agree with me?
5. You’re happy to say sorry, when you’re wrong. But that’s the thing, you rarely are! You can’t just go dishing out those apologies willy nilly.
6. An even rarer phrase in your vocabulary is ‘you’re right’. Unless you’re saying it to yourself, that is.
7. Group projects are your worst nightmare. There’s a special place in hell for whoever came up with that idea.
8. Once you’ve committed to an idea, you won’t change your mind. Your verdict is final. And that is f*cking that.
9. You’re prepared to Google something on the sly just to prove someone wrong if you’re not 100% sure. Relevant evidence? Check! Point and match.
10. If you actually are wrong about something, you won’t admit it. You’ll just come up with some serious BS to make it look like that’s what you meant to say.
11. You enjoy using the words ‘definitely’, ‘obviously’ and ‘clearly’ to back up an argument. Obviously.
12. You’ll quite happily remind people of times when they have been wrong. To show them just how wrong they are this time too.

13. You really wish people wouldn’t walk away when you have more to say. I’m gonna keep talking to the back of your head, just so you know.
14. If someone cheats while you’re playing a game, you HAVE to have a rematch. You won’t take this fake win lying down!
15. Constructive criticism…what’s that? There is definite potential for clashing with authority figures when you’re stubborn…
16. You’ve got your stubborn sulk face down to a tee. You are the master of the eyebrow frown.
17. If you’ve got an idea in mind for a specific outfit, you won’t settle for anything else. And if you can’t find it, sulk face commencing in 5… 4… 3…
18. People think you’re difficult. But they are wrong. SO wrong.

Via Pretty52.