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Is This The Most Beautiful Horse In The World?

Meet Frederik The Great, a horse so beautiful that he was named after the ruler of Prussia. Though the stunning Friesian stallion hasn’t achieved any significant military victories, his impressive build and lustrous mane are enough to grab every horse lover’s attention. His shiny “billowing in the wind” hair would even put Disney’s princesses to shame!

The horse has a following of more than 15k on Facebook and he also has his very own blog. People are so mesmerized with his looks that someone has even created an online gallery featuring artwork of the ‘mane’ man (sorry). The beautiful beast is owned by Pinnacle Friesians, located in the Ozark Mountains in the US. Frederik had his first offspring, named Vaughn, last year, so his beautiful legacy will live on.

More info: | Facebook (h/t: dailymail)

Watch him galloping here:

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