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I Travel Around The World Taking Photos Of The Secret Friends I Create In Each City

I’m a Spanish photographer with a background in illustration and a passion for cartoons, flesh, absurdity, surrealism and documentary photography.

This photo series is part of an ongoing project which combines all of this to give birth to new creatures which I call ‘Secret Friends’. Secret Friends (quite literally) plays with bending reality to reveal another perspective.

For the past few months I’ve been traveling to different cities and photographing locals in their homes and around town. Here are some Secret Friends photos from Berlin, Mallorca and Valencia.

More info:

Secret Friends Berlin: Magic In Mauerpark

Secret Friends Berlin: On Sunday We Nurse Our Hangovers At Mauerpark

Secret Friends Berlin: U-Bahn

Secret Friends Berlin: No Line At Berghain

Secret Friends Berlin: Photoautomat

Secret Friends Berlin: How Long Is Now

Secret Friends Berlin: Einzelfahrschein

Secret Friends Berlin: Too Wasted To Get Home

Secret Friends Berlin: Meet Me At The Clock

Secret Friends Berlin: Kotti

Secret Friends Berlin: Bed Games

Secret Friends Valencia: Cotton Candy At Fallas

Secret Friends Valencia: I Love The Smell Of Buñuelos In The Morning

Secret Friends Valencia: The Morning After Fallas

Secret Friends Valencia: Fallera

Secret Friends Mallorca: Chillin’ With The Cows

Secret Friends Mallorca: Fountain Fun

Secret Friends Mallorca: Life’s A Beach

Secret Friends Mallorca: Caveman

Secret Friends Mallorca: Lurking In Shallow Waters

Secret Friends Mallorca: The Truth Is Out There

Secret Friends Mallorca: The Water Singer

Secret Friends Valencia: Melancholy

Secret Friends Valencia: Selfie Stick

Secret Friends Valencia: Walk

Secret Friends Valencia: It’s Coming

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