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I Photographed The World’s Most Colorful Town

A few years ago I was backpacking through Colombia. A friend had told me that visiting the town of Guatapé was an absolute must. Once I got there, I understood why.

Guatapé, a small town just outside of the country’s capital, Medellín, is quite possibly the world’s most colorful town.

The entire town is colorfully and cheerfully painted, as you see depicted. Apparently it started with families painting images along the sides of their homes, and I suppose it has just evolved from there.

As a travel photographer, this little town was an absolute pleasure to meander through and photograph. Each building is lined with simple illustrations or patterns. Every turn of a corner had me wondering what I would come across next!

There is also a rock that looks like it has literally been dropped on top of a hill, which which offers visitors a stunning 360 degree view of the surrounding scenery. Being up there really makes one appreciate just how beautiful our planet is.

Colombia is full of hidden treasures like this. It is not at all the “dangerous, risky, unsafe” place most people think it is. I highly recommend seeing it for yourself!

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