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I Photographed Haiti’s Strength – Its Women

Last week, Mikaël Theimer and I were in Haiti for the first time to document the work of a few NGOs (Handicap International Canada, Médecins du Monde, Kanpe, Anseye pou Ayiti), and what stroke me the most over there is the strength, will and pride I could see in the eyes of every woman and girl.

Many women living in conditions Westerners couldn’t even imagine have to (re)build their lives and raise their children alone or with very little resources, because disasters (2010 earthquake, flooding, cholera) or other social or economical circumstances pulled them and their families apart. Yet, these women find the courage to rise to every challenge, and fight everyday to feed their children and give them access to the education they weren’t given.

Haiti is rich, rich of its people.

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