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I Photographed A Baby Sea Turtle And It’s Cuter Than You Could Have Ever Imagined

On the shores of Tortuguero in Costa Rica, one of life’s wonders happens for a few weeks every year: hatching baby sea turtles. These beauties are heavily protected in the area.

After emerging for the sand, the endangered green sea turtles make a dash for the safety of the Caribbean Sea… and it’s pretty cute.

More info:

Sleepy-eyed after emerging from the nest…

…which they incubate in for up to 60 days

Once they warm up, these turtles can move!

But occasionally just need a little rest

The end goal is finally in sight for this little green sea turtle…

Which is smaller than the palm of your hand

The waves bring a relative place of safety…

… and this little guy MADE IT!

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