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I Left My Studies And My Boyfriend To Travel To South America Alone

At the age of 22, I made one of the biggest decisions in my life. I left my studies, my boyfriend and everything I loved back in Slovakia, and set off on the trip which was supposed to change my life. I wasn’t running away from boredom. I was running away from my lucky and perfectly organized life to experience some pain and sorrow in order to grow strong and wiser.

Four months alone in South America gave me a valuable lesson that I would like to share now with other young people around me, to motivate them to let go of their fear and see what they are capable of.

More info:

At the age of 22 I left my my studies, my boyfriend and everything I loved to go on a trip alone that would change me forever

I made the best friends, fell in love, was being loved and cared for, and saw the most beautiful landscapes and sceneries

But at the same time, I was betrayed and cheated, robbed in the streets with a knife and left alone in poor and dark places

I felt down so many times I can not even count it

But the fact that I saw my self standing up and dusting my knees was empowering

Since then I don’t fear anything anymore in my life. I have the courage to keep trying, because I know that every failure is just a lesson to learn from

We, the people, are capable of so many amazing things we have no clue about. It is only the fear and insecurity that are holding us back

Don’t be scared. Go. Hit the road and spread your wings. Take your deepest fears and squeeze the doubts out of them. Only then you can be really free

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