I Know You Are, But What Am I? A Collection Of The Best Insults Ever

There’s nothing like a good, hard hitting insult to really cut someone down to size. To really get them where it hurts and to ensure that you’re always ready, waiting to bite back when and if the occasion calls for it. Think about it. You usually think of that perfect, harsh response a good three hours too late. Well, not any more my sticky brained little friends, because I’m here to arm you with the best insults around. Are you ready?

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Not sure the *skinny* ones care much for that, either.........just sayin'......

The "Sex and the City" characterization insult.

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The impossible request insult.

When poor Sarah learned about magnets:

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Bo Burnham. I would be on that roll call... SO HOT.

haha now today it would be rare for an adult not to read LOTRs


the golden girls

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Got to agree