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I Found A Website That Live Streams From Animal Shelters

There is a project called “Animals Life NET” and the title explains it all. They set up webcams in various animal shelters to let people not only watch live cats and dogs but also help the shelters by buying food or signing up for volunteering.

It is now active in the Baltic states, where people are less knowledgeable about the situation in animal shelters and the possibility of adopting a pet, instead of buying it.

More info:

The project serves as a beacon: people love watching animal videos

And watching live videos of countless pets in one room full of toys, scratchers and cat or dog houses is pretty entertaining

Once the viewer is hooked by cute animals, he or she gets the possibility to actually help the shelter

Mostly people buy pet food for shelters and the project workers always gladly bring the food for the animals

Some people have even adopted pets after watching the streams

Right now there are webcams in the shelters of Lithuania

In Latvia

And Estonia

In terms of inhabitants, some shelters are somewhat exotic, as it can be seen from one of the webcams

It’s no surprise that cats are always crazy. Here’s a regular video of the cats’ most active hours in the Latvian shelter “Labās Mājas”

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