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I Documented The International Pillow Fight In Bucharest, Romania

We are Gabriela and Marius two Romanian wedding photographers based in Bucharest. We met through photography 6 years ago while we attended together a photo journalism class at the same university. Since then, we can not see our lives without cameras. Driven by our passion We travel the world for our clients. As photographers, weddings hold a special place in our hearts; we both are constantly inspired by the love and emotions of such a magical day.

Beside weddings we love to do street photography and to attend many urban events that take place in Bucharest and in the cities we travel.

2nd of April is the International Pillow Fight Day and it is one of the events We loved to photograph. The event took place in Bucharest and in the same time in many other major cities in the World like London, New York, Copenhagen or Tokyo . We attended this event one year ago and we will go together for the next year as well.

We are inspired by nonconformist, enthusiastic and happy people and we always want to show these in our pictures. Bucharest is that city where you can meet them all.

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