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Guy Documents His First Week Of Work At Target, And It Couldn’t Get More Hilarious

If you thought that working at a retail store is boring, we’ve got news for you. Well, actually Tumblr user kimpossibooty does. He recently uploaded a very detailed and hilarious story about his first week working at Target, and it is pure gold.

From selling a bra to the mom of a sixteen year old girl who was cringing the entire time, to selling a man thirty light bulbs with a coupon, who afterward says he did not need thirty light bulbs, he just likes coupons – the job can be both hilarious and straight-up strange at the same time. Keep on scrolling to read the whole story – I promise you won’t be disappointed! Actually, you might even be running to Target for some people-watching yourself.

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Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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