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Guy Creepily Staring At Taylor Swift Gets Photoshopped By Internet’s Trolls

So you’re walking down the street when you suddenly realize that the person in front of you just happens to be Taylor Swift. So you sneak a glance to confirm your suspicions and BAM! The paparazzi have snapped you. But not only that, they’ve snapped you looking downright creepy. Which is a shame, because you’re not a creepy guy. But it’s too late. The damage has been done, and before you know it you’re the latest victim of Reddit’s army of Photoshop Battlers. Welcome to life in the modern age. Whoever you are sir, we apologize. But you’ve got to admit that, well, it is kind of funny.




#1 This Took 1 Effort

This Took 1 Effort


#2 On The Case

On The Case 


#3 Creeper Control

Creeper Control 


#4 Your Guardian Angel. Always With You.

Your Guardian Angel. Always With You. 

#5 She’s Behind Me Pulling That Face Again, Isn’t She?

She's Behind Me Pulling That Face Again, Isn't She? 


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