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Grandma Accidentally Texts A Teen About Thanksgiving Plans, And Now He’s Invited

Usually, a text or call to the wrong number ends up with an apology, but not this time…

On Tuesday, 17-year-old Jamal Hinton received a group text from an unknown number confirming Thanksgiving details. The sender called herself grandma, so Hinton asked her to send a pic just to be sure. Turns out… Not his grandma! Hinton then responded with his own picture to let her know she’s texting the wrong grandson, and added: “Can I still get a plate tho?” She responded: “Of course you can, that’s what grandmas do … feed everyone.” And it turns out Hinton really might be attending the Thanksgiving dinner. Amanda, the real grandson’s girlfriend, told Buzzfeed that they’re confirming real plans with Hinton “right now”. What a spontaneous way to start a new friendship!

Hinton shared a screenshot of the hilarious conversation on Twitter, and it went viral since with over 382 likes and 181 retweets. Check out the full conversation below!

Here’s Justin, the real grandson, and his girlfriend Amanda, who says they’re confirming real plans with Hinton “right now”

We’re totally rooting for Hinton to attend! Are you?

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