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Girl Asks Boyfriend To Buy Makeup, Regrets Her Decision Immediately

There’s a good reason why women never ask their men to buy makeup, and this story illustrates it perfectly. Dedicated boyfriend and Reddit user Blufiz was asked by his “beautiful sunshine” to carry out this Herculean task. Undaunted, the 26-year-old arrived at the pharmacy and, with the help of his cellphone camera an instant messaging, began to navigate the makeup aisle.

Was he successful? Check out the images below to find out, and be sure to leave a comment at the end. Did Blufiz do a good job?

More info: blufiz (h/t: Aplus)

This boyfriend got a seemingly ordinary shopping list

But it turned out to be the hardest quest of his life

The girl already started to regret her decision…

But the boyfriend insisted he “can do this”

“That looks like nail polish”

What is light bright?!


He finally got to the lipstick part…

Blufiz used it on his hand just as requested

He tried other one, but now he couldn’t open it!


Next stop: fake eyelashes

What is an applicator?

Clearly, the only way to attach false eyelashes is with craft glue!

So close…and he forgot his wallet!

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