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Funniest Tweets About Alcohol Ever

Alcohol comes in many disguises. Sometimes it’s your friend. Sometimes it’s your enemy. Sometimes it’s your dance partner and sometimes it’s your partner in crime. But love it or hate it, there’s no denying that alcohol has given us something to talk about – and something to laugh about – for as long as we’ve been drinking it. Take a look at this funny collection of tweets about alcohol to see what we mean. They’ll make you laugh, regardless of whether you’re drunk or not.

#1 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet


#2 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 


#3 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet


#4 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 


#5 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 


#6 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet


#7 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 


#8 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet


#9 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet


#10 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 


#11 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 


#12 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 

jon hendren

#13 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 


#14 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 


#15 Alcohol Tweet

Alcohol Tweet 


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