Flashback Friday: Things That’ll Make You Feel Old

A bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone, right? If you’re a bit sensitive about your age I advise you not to read this. A reminder of your favourite movies, tv shows and songs from when you were young that’ll make you wish you could be a kid again. Here’s a blast from the past that is bound to make you feel old.

Dial-up Internet.

“Don’t pick up the phone!” For those who can’t remember what dial-up internet sounds like, here’s a reminder:

Totally Cool Phrases.

We thought we were the sassiest little shits there was.

“Bop it, twist it…”

“Take a picture, it will last longer.”

“Tip the can, I see….”

“It’s not a skirt, it’s a skort.”


Potential Break Up Song is 8 years old.

“It took too long, it took too long, it took too long….”

Before Loom Bands, there were Scoobies.


It’s been 11 years since the last episode of Rugrats aired.

And this is what age they’d all be…


Mood rings.

“What colours your mood ring?”


Fighting over the computer with your sibling.

Ew, what a horrible time to be alive. Now we all have our own computers.


How scary the furnace in Home Alone was.


The Crazy Frog

When your Gameboy’s backlight broke.


The cast of Matilda now, 18 years later.

*wipes tear*


The real era of Eminem.

15 years old.

Double Dips

They were like kids cocaine.


The first Jurassic Park is 17 years old.

And it’s still terrifying.


Recess last aired 14 years ago.

Admit it, we all fancied T.J just a little bit.

Forgetting to feed your Tamagotchi.

I’m the worst parent EVER!


Going to see Bridge To Terabithia because it’s a “nice kids movie”.

WHAT THE FUCK?! Who would do this to a kids movie?


Everyone had one of these.

And it tore the ankles off you.


Having to rewind a movie before watching it

Oh, VHS.

giphy (1)

Love Me For a Reason by Boyzone is 21 years old

Excuse me while I go throw up from the amount of cringe.