Feminism: What It Is And What It’s Not

When you hear the word “feminism,” what do you think of? If you think of a woman angrily shouting in your face, while burning her bra and not shaving her legs, then you’re a fucking idiot. That’s not what a feminist is. Feminism has such a bad rep, and some people are even afraid to embrace it. Which is bad. Very very bad. But lucky for you, this article is going to clear everything up.

So what exactly is feminism?

Feminism, to make a long story short, is the strive for equal rights for both men and women. It aims to bring women up to the same standards as men. Because I’m not sure if you heard, but us poor women have had a tough time of it in the past few centuries. Feminism wants to fix that.

What is a feminist?

A feminist is someone who believes in equal rights for both sexes. That’s it. So anyone can be a feminist, having a vagina is not a necessity. Feminism allows women to be in charge of their own vaginas, which is, y’know ridiculous that we’re not already. God damn patriarchy.

What feminism isn’t:

Here are just a few misconceptions of what feminism is:

  • Feminism is not the hatred of men.
  • Feminism is not resisting shaving your legs.
  • Feminists don’t want to take over the world, they just want to live in it as equal citizens.
Why is feminism needed?

Because, equality. Do you think it’s fair that, on average in Europe, men get paid 16% more than woman? Is it okay that there is a pressure for women to conform to a male-created beauty ideal? Do you like, as a woman, to still be seen as inferior? Feminism is needed for so many reasons. Women are so much more than sex objects, mothers, housewives. We need feminism to fix the stigma around our sex, and to bring it to the same standard and respect as males. Because we’re pretty fucking great.

Are you a feminist?

Here’s an easy way to know if you’re a feminist or not. Do you believe that women and men deserve the same opportunities, the same chances? Then congrats, you’re a feminist. So what does that change about you?

Abso-fucking-lutely nothing. It changes nothing about you. It only means that you’re a decent human being that wants everyone to be equal. It doesn’t make you scary, a lesbian, less of a man, boring or any of the other stereotypes that are associated with feminism. Why do people roll their eyes if I start talking about the sexualisation of women? Oh I’m sorry, am I boring you with all my boring talk of how women are treated as less than men? Should I not mention how men are praised for having sex, but women are shamed? Because I’m not going to stop talking about it. People everywhere, in possession of a vagina or not, need to embrace feminism. Women are not men’s puppets to be used as they please, nor are they any less great.