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Fashion Photographer Helps Abandoned Dogs Find “Forever Homes”

Fashion and portrait photographer Richard Phibbs believes photographs can change, inspire, and motivate. Since 2012, Phibbs has donated his services to the Humane Society of New York to create portraits of dogs up for adoption to help find them “forever homes”. The best of his photographs are featured in a new publication, “Rescue Me” (Aperture, 2016), along with the story of each dog on its journey from often shocking circumstances of abandonment and rejection, through rescue and the joy experienced in the new homes these pictures helped them find.

Phibbs’ photographs are far more than dog portraits; they are heartwarming stories for animal lovers all over the world.

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#1 Christopher


#2 Cookie


#3 Laura Jayne

Laura Jayne 

#4 Buddy


#5 Zeppy


#6 Chelsea


#7 Yoko


#8 Jonathan


#9 Jojo


#10 Little Lowell

Little Lowell 

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