Fake It Till You Make It: How To Be Confident

Confidence isn’t something to feel guilty about, and it’s one of the most attractive qualities to have. Here are some of the best ways to be confident and celebrate yourself, even if you don’t feel like it. Feeling positive and confident will result in a happier you, so move aside self-doubt, I need to bask in my glory just a little bit.

1. Accepting a compliment.

Why not try accepting a compliment when someone gives you one? It’s as easy as saying “thank you” and being gracious. Yes, we can all be embarrassed when someone says something nice about us, but just accept it and move on. They wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true! Let yourself feel good about it rather than denying it.

2. Holding your head high.

Confident people walk tall with their head held high; they’re proud of who they are, and rightly so. Sometimes it can be difficult if you’re feeling low; but try and remember that you’re your own person, and you’re fab. Walk tall like Beyonce!

3. Admit when you’re wrong.

We all make mistakes and we can’t be right all the time. We need to accept when we make mistakes; gracefully accept it, apologise if needs be, fix it and move on. Making mistakes doesn’t mean you’re weak, everyone makes mistakes, and that’s how you’ll learn to do better.

4. Work hard.

If you work hard then you can be confident that you got yourself to where you are. Then you can be truly happy with yourself. You’ve done a good job, so you don’t feel the need to boast about it. You’re humble and you know you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are without the help of others. Team work, woop!

5. Know when to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Confident people know when an opportunity comes up that’s perfect for them. And they’ll embrace it with open arms. They also know how to say no politely if it’s not what they’re looking for. Taking the time to get to know yourself will result in a happier you!