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Faces of Foxes: Photographer Proves That Every Fox Has Different Personality

When, during the sixties, Jane Goodall gave wild chimpanzees a name instead of a number, she put the science world upside down. Anonymous animals were no longer nothing but a number. With something apparently as simple as a name, she validated their individuality and uniqueness.

“When you face a fox, you face personality.”

Many years from then, we still tend to grossly underestimate our fellow earthlings and regard them like interchangeable particles of a uniform set. Did you ever realize that “the fox”, as our beloved pet dog or the cat, consists of countless individuals, each with their own specific characteristics? Some a little dumb, others quite intelligent. Some creative and entrepreneurial, other boring and passive and some even downright funny. So many foxes, so many faces. Literally! And each “face” hides a unique character. Since all those faces speak volumes, I’d like to introduce you to 12 prominent fox personalities:

Smiling Fox

Motto: It’s All Right. It Always Has Been and Always Will be.

Miss Fox

Motto: I’m Too Sexy For This Site.

Hunter Fox

Motto: You Say Jump, I Say ‘How High? 

Funny Fox

Motto: It’s a Womans World.


Motto: I Did it my Way.

Old Dog Fox

Motto: Happy happy joy joy.

Serious Fox

Motto: Why Not so Serious?

Don Fox

Motto: Who’s Your Daddy?!

Eager Fox

As a young fox her favorite thing in the world was to steal just dug up lizards from her brother. This hunting technique was successful until puberty, when little brother suddenly became big bro and revised ratios. Since that time she has improved her hunting techniques, specializing in the looting of nests. Once a thief, always a thief, but a very sweet thief indeed!

Motto: Better well stolen than bad invented.

Hyper Fox

Motto: It’s Mine, Even Though it’s Not.

Modest Fox

Motto: My Time Will Come. Maybe. One Day.

Beaten Fox

Motto: Life’s a Bitch.

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