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Drunk Guy Gets Into Fight With Himself After His Sober Self Left A Note Regarding Hangover

Sober Steve seems like a pretty good guy, the kind of guy who looks after his mates and the kind of guy you can depend upon in a crisis. But Sober Steve is only one half of Steve Davidson. The other half is Drunk Steve, and Drunk Steve doesn’t like Sober Steve very Much. Especially when he tells him what to do.

Take a look at this hilarious note to see what we mean. 30-year-old Davidson, from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, decided to write himself a helpful note before he went out to get drunk recently. The note, which was posted on Twitter by one of Steve’s mates, politely reminded Drunk Steve to drink some water and eat some food before bed in order to avoid a crippling hangover the following day. Because that’s the kind of guy that Sober Steve is. But Drunk Steve had a response for Sober Steve, and it wasn’t pleasant…

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